What information do we collect and how we use it

If you subscribe to our newsletter, we add your name and email address to Ayan Pratap's newsletter mailing list, which is managed by MailChimp. Note that MailChimp may transfer personal data outside on its own. Please contact MailChimp for questions and concerns about this. 

You will receive regular Ayan Pratap's newsletters as they go out but in general they are limited to new releases, free copies and rewards. 


How to unsubscribe from the newsletter

Every newsletter contains a quick and easy unsubscribe link in its footer. 


When you unsubscribe from the newsletter managed by MailChimp, your details remain on the list of past recipients.  This is a measure to prevent circumstances such as a member of staff accidentally manually re-adding you. MailChimp states: "As a compliance measure, subscribers who unsubscribe themselves can't be deleted from your list."

However, provided you are still a subscriber at the point when you contact us, your details can be permanently removed from the list - please get in touch if you would like this to happen.

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